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Dance Infinity’s objective is to create a premier performing arts school that inspires each individual student and instills a love for the art of dance.

Keys to Success
To Inspire each Individual Dancer

A professional, Supportive, Family oriented Dance & Performing Arts Education School with a focus on the love and passion of dance. Where style and technique fuse together to create a more diverse dancer.

OurHistory & BackgroundFrom the Ground UpEST. 2017

Dance Infinity is a professional dance and performing arts education school offering dance classes in ballet, jazz, hip-hop, tap, contemporary, and musical theatre with an American dance curriculum. Our vision values the art of dance in the community.

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Our four highest values:

  1. Youth development—Fostering poise, confidence and self-discipline that prepare students for success
  2. Service to working adults and senior citizens—Creating pathways to enhance fitness, quality of life and self-expression
  3. Service to the community—Offering multiple opportunities to attend live dance performances each year
  4. Internal development—Supporting ongoing training and education for our board of directors, instructors and staff.