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Acrobatics Arts L2 & L3 (9 – 18 yrs)

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Acrobatics Arts L2 & L3 (9 – 18 yrs)

Acrobatic Arts classes are designed for the students that are interested in concentrating only on the floor exercises of gymnastics. From learning cartwheels to mastering your back handsprings and aerials, we have a tumbling class for you! Our Acrobats class builds strength and skills from the beginner to advanced tumbling tricks by working on backbends, back walkovers, round-offs, etc. As tumblers progress they will work on back handsprings, back walkovers, round-offs, etc. Once tumblers reach the advanced level they will be working on back handsprings, back tucks, front aerials and side aerials while mastering more difficult skills and learning new tricks. (Students are required to be enrolled in another Acrobatics Arts class to attend this class.)